Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Did I pre-order a book for my child?
A: Please use this list <here> to check if your child is listed.
Q: If it is after sales are closed can I still get a book?
A: We are opening the wait list on April 19th - If you missed the presale you can put your child's name on the waitlist.  Keep in mind a book is not guaranteed and they are first come first serve. Once we have enough people on the list for the books we have the list will be closed and no longer available.  Waitlist link:
Q: When will our yearbooks be available and how will we get them?
A: Yearbooks were distributed to the teachers on the last Thursday of the school year, June 1st and it is up to them when they release them.  If your student still has not received their pre-purchased copy please reach out to their teacher directly.